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Become a part of a miraculous rebirth

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Thanks to the support of Jews around the world, a Jewish community once perched on the brink of extinction is reemerging, with the JCC Budapest Bálint Ház as its central address. The Hungarian-Jewish community is flourishing and looking towards a promising future.

Now is the moment to build upon this success. JCC Budapest has the potential to strengthen not only Hungarian Jews, but can also serve as a beacon for the Jewish people all over the world. To reach this larger Jewish community, we must invest in improving the JCC’s spaces and expanding its programming.

In the midst of rising global anti-Semitism, the JCC plays a particularly vital role as both a safe place for Jews to be themselves and a bulwark against hate. For young Jews especially, Jewishness is a source of hope and an inspiration for activism. Our support at this precarious moment ensures they can continue to confidently embrace their Jewish heritage, secure in the knowledge that they are part of a larger global community.

You can play a vital role in the story of Hungarian — and global — Jewish life. As the next generation of Hungarian Jews emerges from the shadows of their unexplored or unknown heritage, you can ensure they continue to have access to their Jewish heritage and traditions, as well as a thriving and supportive community to share it with.

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