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Keeping the flame of Judaism
alive against all odds

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The 1990s

A Jewish Awakening

By the 1990s, after the fall of Communism, the Gyuri family lived in Budapest, where a Jewish awakening was washing over the city. “At first it was the outside Jewish groups, like the Joint (JDC), that woke most people.”

“But now, in some ways through our children, we are ourselves connecting. We are community. We have a Jewish home. My oldest son has gone to a normal (public Budapest) school. But after hours, he goes to the Bálint House to be exposed to Jewish life and learning. I knew the Bálint House in the 1990s. But now, because of the children, we are much closer to Zsuzsa (head of Bálint JCC) and the Bálint. “

Gyuri’s family was fortunate to have a continuous history of Jewish life, albeit fragile.  Against today’s background of anti-Semitism in Hungary, it is still not easy, but through their children, and through their vivid memory of struggle to stay Jewish, the family is now part of a historic Judaic renaissance.

JCC Jewish Life Today

The thousands who visit the JCC Budapest every month could each tell a story like Gyuri’s, each a unique victory of hope over despair.

Still, there are tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest who have not been ready to come out of the shadows to embrace their Jewish roots. Help us welcome them in. Help us help them to be strong even in difficult times. Bálint JCC is the first open door through which they can view Jewish life without first “closing the curtain.”
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