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Keeping the flame of Judaism
alive against all odds

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The Holocaust

Strength in the Darkness

Gyuri’s  mother, Zsofia, could never have imagined the strong currents of Jewish life in Hungary today, where her grandchildren, two boys, seven and nine, attend Jewish education programs at the JCC Budapest.

Zsofia was born in a Nazi work camp in 1944.

Back then, living in the camp outside Vienna in the last weeks of the World War, Zsofia and Gyuri’s grandparents endured threats and beatings, but hung on to survive the war.

They were the lucky ones. At just that time, over 400,000 Budapest Jews perished, mainly in the death camps in and around Auschwitz in the space of a few short months. The family typifies the spirit that has made the JCC Budapest at Balint House a hub for Jewish life in Hungary.

JCC Jewish Life Today

The thousands who visit the JCC Budapest every month each could tell a story like Gyuri’s, each a unique victory of hope over despair.

Still, there are tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest who have not been ready to come out of the shadows to embrace their Jewish roots. Help us welcome them in. Help us help them to be strong even in difficult times. Balint JCC is their first open door where they can view Jewish life without first closing the curtain.
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